Personal Color Analysis



  • A 12Tone Personal Color Analysis (2-3 hours)
  • A swatch book for making future color decisions ($80 value)
  • A lesson on how to maximize your swatch book as a shopping guide for clothes & makeup
  • Become a virtual makeup maven with your color tone application
  • E-mailed report on your personal color journey
  • E-mailed luxury drape photos (3) in your favorite colors


  • Home studio in Phoenix Arizona. (Yes, I have air-conditioning!)
  • I currently accept PCA payment through PayPal.
  • Studio is painted neutral gray. Specialized full-spectrum lighting (5500 kelvin) is used to simulate daylight.
  • You need to be makeup free. (If you're self-conscious, or shudder at the thought, I'll be makeup free too, if requested) It's important to let your natural pigmentation show through.
  • I will wear a boring neutral gray lab coat. You will wear a neutral gray cape and scarf (both provided) unless you do not chemically alter you hair.