• Andrea Martincic did my personal color analysis and she was amazing!!!  She gave a thorough and detailed description of my season complete with a swatch book and make-up color recommendations.  If you want to look your best and understand which colors flatter you most and which colors to avoid, do this color draping with Andrea.  I highly recommend her professional color analysis services.

    Maria (April 2016)
  • I have had my colors done 3 times before, but working with Andrea was a totally new experience.  Her studio is scientific, from special lighting, huge color drapes, and a more complex (and accurate) system at Couleur Comme Ça.
    But the true light in the room is Andrea herself: kind, reassuring, thorough, and willing to go the extra mile with make-up advice and application.  She rapidly followed up with a full report on what she had done, which was a nice surprise—and great future resource.
    Thanks, Andrea!

    Carolyn (April 2017)
  • Shelby (April 2017)
  • Skye (April 2017)
  • I wanted to express my gratitude to Andrea for her meticulous and thoughtful analysis of my best colors.  Andrea took hours to carefully assess my skin, eyes, shadowing, reflection, facial structure, you name it–all in an effort to identify my colors.  After extensive analysis and dialogue Andrea identified that I was her first “Soft Summer.”

    What does all of this mean…it means that now when I go shopping or consider make-up, I have a clear guide of the colors that best magnify “me.”
      The colors convey a brightness to my look, make my skin looks its’ best, and make me feel like I can try things I have not before.
    Already, I have purchased some new clothing pieces and tried some new make-up…and others, without being prodded, offer up compliments.  I whole-heartedly recommend Andrea as an integral component of anyone’s “best dress, best look!”  Thank you Andrea!

    Christy (April 2017)
  • Getting Personal Color Analysis done was a real eye opener. Right once Andrea put me in “my” colors, it felt like home! Each lipstick I have bought has been beautiful and I feel so much more confident in my clothes! Thank you, Andrea!

    Ariel (April 2017)
  • Our session demonstrated to me how much color really does matter.  It was stunning how two different shades and intensities of the same color (comparing two greens or two reds) could have such a different effect.  Some of the drapes grayed my skin, my naturally silver hair looked dingy and I looked fatigued and sad. Whereas the drapes that worked for me (Bright Winter) brightened my skin, my silver hair shined and I looked energetic and happy.  The difference was so dramatic, I kept thinking the lighting was changing, but it wasn’t. I also really benefited from the make-up consultation and look forward to using bolder colors!! So excited that by picking the right intensity and shades of color for my clothing and makeup, I can look 5-10 years younger!!  That is a big deal as I am approaching 70.

    Vicki (March 2017)
  • “I’ve generally been afraid of color in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. I always tended to go for black, gray, and softed, muted, dark colors since I felt like they were safe. I figured I was supposed to wear warm colors but always felt like makeup never looked right on me. So after a friend was draped by Andrea, I decided to do it for myself and I’m so glad I did. Being able to see what the colors I’ve been wearing was doing to my skin tone, and how much better I look with my correct colors on me has been a huge self esteem boost. I would recommend Andrea to anyone, she was very professional, thorough, and beyond helpful through the entire process.”

    Alexandra (March 2017)
  • I was very happy with my color analysis. Andrea was very professional and did not rush. She draped me with many different fabrics and took her time analyzing how they looked on me.  Now that I know my true natural coloring, I am able to select clothing that best suits me and makes me feel good about myself. I have noticed that I get more compliments when wearing my true colors.  The color fan has been very helpful when shopping and is very easy to carry in my purse.
    Andrea also helped me with my makeup and to find a hair color that looks the best for my coloring. I have been dying my hair blond for years but it was the wrong shade of blonde for me. Just by changing to an ash blonde has made a world of difference
    Thank you Andrea!

    Sue (March 2016)
  • Thanks so much for this information and the analysis. I felt it was such a great value! I had Friday off and have been having a great time. The process and swatch book have completely helped me and I am at peace with my colors. I went through and color swatched all of my makeup, which was so enlightening. Almost everything I had was warm and peachy – crazy! I had one single eye shadow and one lip gloss. I went and bought the makeup you had on me and I absolutely love it.  I also went through my clothes – I ended up having quite a bit that I can wear, which makes letting go of the other clothes much easier. Once you do this process, you don’t want to wear something that pinches your nose!

    Shannon (Febraury 2017)
  • I knew I wanted to be draped and find out my true color, but I was very nervous.  I thought I was either Autumn or Dark Winter.  I told Andrea that if the conclusion was that I was a Summer, I would need to excuse myself and throw up.  Instinctively, I knew I liked Autumn but I did not fit the mold insofar as I had read and heard.  Andrea’s thoroughness impressed me.  She draped me over and over, trying to find the best season for me.  Being fair skinned with naturally light hair (and a few graying hairs slipping in, which happens when you are 60-something), she did not think I was an Autumn.  The more she aimed for Summer, trying to place me where she thought I belonged, the more I inwardly pleaded, No, not Summer!  No, not Summer!  It became obvious to Andrea, my daughter and myself that I was an Autumn, and Andrea exclaimed, “Never in a million years would I have guessed that you were an Autumn, but draping shows the truth.”  Thus, the Power of Draping by someone who truly knows her craft, is skilled, and is dedicated to letting the drapes speak out the true answer.  She did not allow her first impression or bias “color” the result.  To say the least, I was impressed.  (No need to throw up — yay!)  Andrea is thorough, well trained and determined to find the true season of her clients.  She delivers far more than promised.  I loved having her do a facial make-over on me, as I did not know what makeup to use as an Autumn.  I loved the result!  I’d brought a brown shirt with me (which I hadn’t worn for years) and put that on after my makeup was applied.  The effect was stunning!  I loved it!  I received far more benefit from draping with Andrea than what she charged.  If I had known the result ahead of time, I would have gladly paid double or triple her fee!  I continue to be impressed — and delighted by the results.  Knowing that I am a True Autumn — and all that that entails, has changed my life. I have always wanted to be bold, passionate and daring, but accepted what I’d been told for years.  “Sit down.  Shut up.  Do what you are told.”   No more.  I have a mission.  I have passion buried deep within me.  That small flicker has not totally died out and now I will feed it and become all that I was born to become and do what I was meant to do.  Thank you, Andrea, for your Personal Color Analysis and your very professional, unbiased draping techniques.  Thank you for showing me the True Me.  You are amazing. I can’t thank you enough.
    P.S.  Those who are Summers look great in those  colors — as do Winters and Springs in their colors.  I had been encouraged to wear Summer colors for years and told that only those who are trying to hide or who are afraid of color wear brown.  In later years I dressed as a Winter — with lots of black, red and deep blues — not me, but better than mauve or dusty blue.  I am so grateful to have been draped by Andrea and to have her show me the true me — at last!

    Eileen (March 2017)
  • I’ve tried every DIY method to pinpoint my season for over a year, including eye photos and Facebook feedback, and it finally got to the point where I didn’t know what looked good anymore. I relied on basic, boring neutrals and wore very little (if any) makeup. I looked for an analyst near my home in the Southwestern United States so that I wouldn’t have to fly or drive longer than a day’s distance. Andrea was the closest, and I liked what I saw on her website, so I knew I would be in good hands. My mother decided she would like to be draped as well, and Andrea had no problem scheduling us for the same day (one appointment in the morning and one in the afternoon).

    I went first, and it turned out I was not the Soft Summer I had expected/feared I would be. I was a Bright Winter! Andrea was very thorough and her explanations were very clear as we went through every test set of drapes. After we were absolutely sure that I was a Bright Winter, she took the time to give me a full face of makeup to show me what a Bright Winter makeup look would be, and I loved that extra touch.

    After a break for lunch, it was my mother’s turn. She was very nervous and afraid that she would end up a Summer (her least favorite colors ever are pastels). I knew that whatever happened, my mother would be pleased. The nice thing about experiencing a draping is you can watch the process unfold before your eyes, sort of like watching a painting come to life. My mom turned out to be one of the rare True seasons, a True Autumn! I had originally been encouraging her to dress like a Winter, and I wore Summer colors. I should have been buying those Winter clothes for me instead of forcing her to wear them! Her favorite time of year is Autumn, so she couldn’t be more pleased with her True Autumn result. It was as if she knew she was an Autumn all along, but Andrea’s draping gave her permission to be one.

    By the way, the DIY method may be cheaper, but it’s much slower and more frustrating, and you may not get the season right anyway! You’ll wish you had paid for a draping much sooner; I know I wish I had. Andrea went above and beyond my expectations, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for their special season.

    Jayleen (March 2017)
  • My analysis with Andrea was a great experience! It made me aware of what effect the right colors have on your appearance. I love my packet of colors an keep it in my purse. It saves me time and money since I don’t buy just any piece of clothing but am more aware of my colors before I buy. It was an overall good educational experience!

    Susan (March 2016)
  • Andrea was very thorough, careful, and delightful!  I was so pleased with the way she communicated with me as she draped in each of the colors.  She explained to me what I also needed to see with each of the draping colors.  I am not an expert, but with each color I started to see what she saw!  It was unbelievable!  There really is a science to this color analysis!  Eventually, with the careful meticulous care Andrea worked so hard to uncover, we both found out that I am a Soft Autumn!  I remember feeling embarrassed for all the years I dressed myself in the wrong colors, but Andrea was encouraging and uplifting.  I felt beautiful as myself!
    With the new colors in hand and the new makeup tips Andrea was so careful to suggest, I felt comfortable knowing that this was how others saw me.  I remember getting home and donating all my dark winter clothes because Andrea showed me how they appear on me from another person’s perspective.  I am slowly building up my wardrobe and I feel beautiful.  I often get long looks, second glances, and compliments every day!  I no longer am making the other person feel uncomfortable around me by wearing the wrong colors.  I am at peace.
    If you have stumbled across this web-site and are contemplating whether or not to be color analyzed with an expert, do not hesitate setting up an appointment with Andrea at Couleur Comme Ça.  You will not regret it!

    Connie (January 2017)
  • I have been looking forward to getting my personal color analysis for awhile and could not find anyone in the area. 

    I ended up flying to Phoenix to see Andrea and couldn’t be happier that I did.  Andrea was wonderful to work with. She was accommodating (I had to bring my 4 month old daughter with me, and though I had a friend to hold her, she ended up needing to be in my lap for most of the session), kind, and truly excellent at seeing colors. 

    Her attention to detail as she draped me made me feel like she was really seeing the colors that suited me best. Since being draped a soft autumn, I have been enjoying wearing clothes and makeup that suit my season and have gotten a lot of compliments doing so!

    Thank you so much for your work, Andrea

    Izzi (January 2017)
  • I have always loved color and I had followed the evolution of color analysis since the 1980s, but I never “had my colors done.” Recently I self-analyzed after reading a lot of books and interacting with many of the color services online. I was really stuck between Soft Summer and Soft Autumn, so I made an appointment with Andrea at Couleur Comme Ça to get her help in pinpointing my season.

    Andrea’s studio is a lovely, comfortable and welcoming space. Andrea first sat down with me to explain the 12 Blueprints system. Then we jumped right into color draping. Between Andrea’s careful attention to comparing all of the options, and my laughing out loud at my appearance in some of the colors, a few hours just flew by. I really appreciated that Andrea was willing to take the extra time to compare so many drapes, because my neutral coloring was quite a challenge.                                                                                                                            
    Imagine my complete shock when I discovered that I am nowhere near Soft Autumn/Summer, rather I am a Light Spring! Andrea draped me in light, bright, uplifting colors that gave me a much healthier skin tone. She demonstrated lovely makeup shades that I would never have picked for myself, but they really do look fabulous.
    I left with a swatch book of my new Light Spring colors, and so much excitement about how to use them in my wardrobe and makeup. Andrea emailed me a detailed report of our entire meeting, plus helpful hints about dressing for the Light Spring season, and an excellent list of lip, blush, and eye colors in each cosmetic brand that will work for me.

    For me, this has been a lesson learned – don’t try to do your own color analysis.
    It really does take a trained and independent eye. I enthusiastically recommend Andrea at Couleur Comme Ça – she not only does great color work, but she makes the whole process very interesting and enjoyable!

    Kathy (January 2017)
  • It was so much fun working with Andrea! For years I have wanted to have my colors done, but it just didn’t seem like a priority. Boy, was I wrong. I wasted so much time wondering if I was buying the right colors for my skin tone. And so many dollars on items that totally didn’t compliment me. Now, I can walk into any clothing or make-up store and know exactly what to buy and what to avoid. Thank you, Andrea!


    Lori (December 2016)